Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
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Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
Security Stationary Printing (Cheque, DD ,Share Certificate, Educational Certificate, Marks Sheet)
News Papers/Books/ Magazine and
Other Commercial Printing
Computer Stationery (blank
& pre-printed stationery) Printing.
Fluorescent paper, thermal paper, clay coating, Carbon & Carbonless Paper, Manufacturing Metallised Film, CPP, BOPD
Converting Plant for paper, film, foil - Rolls, Sheets.
Adding/PCO/Fax Rolls.
Medical Chart Printing
Railway/Bus/Lottery Tickets

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Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.

Ticket Printing & Medical Chart Printing Machine

Ticket Printing Machine
Ticket Printing Machine
Substrate Paper 40-120 GSM
Working Width (Max.) 610mm (24'')
Reel diameter (Max.) 1000mm (40'')
Speed (Mech.) a) 30000 ft. / hr. for zig zag folding
b) Upto 15000 sheets/ with sheeting output Depending upon the substrate condition
Configuration of Machine One offset tower & one letterpress tower
Processing Unit - One
Sheeting Unit - One

Product Details:
Color Printing yes
Printer Type Inkjet
Max Printing Speed (meters per min) 10-30
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Machine Dimension Mm 1000mm (40'')
Printing Width 610mm (24'')
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic


Machine Description:
1. Unwind :

  1. (One) Mechanical Unwind Shaft Assembly.
  2. Unwind Shaft held in 3 bearing assembly providing hardened sleeve.
  3. Automatic tension control through mechanical brake and dancing roller assembly.
  4. Lateral movement of unwind shaft +/- 25 mm.
  5. 1st draw roller assembly is provided with nip roller arrangement actuated through doli. IInd varispeed draw roller provided for form length control.
Offset Printing Tower
2. Printing Uint:
  1. Fixed 20''circumference offset unit with lockable type blanket & plate cylinders for reverse printing.
  2. Micro lateral & circumferential registration control +/- 6mm.
  3. Tilting type ink duct arrangement.
  4. Three oscillating copper roller assembly.
  5. Water Dampening System.
  6. Hardened spiral helical gear for power transmission.
Letter Press Printing Tower - 03 Nos.
  1. Variable size letterpress printing tower with 20'' size duplexed with numbering printing attachment (without numbering boxes), or logo cylinder attachment to print web on either side of web. Both the colours will be on the same side. Numbering printing station is capable of accommodate 80 nos. of rotary numbering boxes.
3. Processing Unit
  1. Star or round type punching unit assembly for two up production. Duplex die & punch tool for 2 up production.
  2. Five position linear perforation assembly supplied with Micro and standard perforation wheels.
  3. 20'' size cross perforation unit with 10 slots for 2'' slip.
  4. High speed fan folder assembly with dual timing control.
  5. Form delivery conveyor table.
  6. Dual lubrication comprising centralized forced lubrication system with timer and oil pump in each printing tower and processing unit.
  7. Preset counter meter with line marking system and totalizer.
  8. Variable speed rectifier control drive with 15 horse power D.C motor working with 415V, 3 Phase. AC supply. Panel is equipped with : Amp. Meter, Volt Meter, Buzzer.
Sheeting Unit :
  1. Removable type online sheeting unit to be incorporated in front of processing unit. The sheeter has draw system, variable cutting system, overlapping conveyor and motorized stacker for up/down movement.
Numbering Box: :
  1. 6/7 digit backward numbering boxes from Leibinger or equivalent N 420S or N 420C may be provided every 2'' lengthwise and 7 rows across. As such to accommodate 80 numbering boxes (i.e. 10 x 8 Nos.) we should employ both L/P units i.e. 40 Numbering boxes in each station.

Medical Chart Printing Machine
Medical Chart Printing Machine
Maximum Working Width 430mm
Unwind Reel Dia 800mm
Types of Printing Letterpress
No. Of Printing Unit Two letterpress unit at top for front or back printing .
One L/P unit on processor for sensor printing
Repeat Length 240 to 300mm in steps 5mm ( For 215mm - use 430mm)
Rewind Diameter 400mm
Mechnical Speed 15,000 ft./hr
Output Zig Zag folded or in reels.

Product Details:
Printer TypeLetterpress
Machine TypeSemi-Automatic
Automation GradeAutomatic
SizeAll Size
Usage/ApplicationPaper Print
Frame Width430mm
Size Of Color Ribbon Or Solid Ink Roller800mm

The basic machine comprises the following :
  1. One Unwind station for paper reel mounted on coned supports with provision for side regulation of the draw unit for alignment and automatic web tension control through Mechanical brake for perfect feeding and regulation. Two draw rollers with dancers and doli system with rubber nip
  2. Sprocket Punching Station with One set of punching tool (560mm circumference) to punch one 13mm x 6.5mm oval hole in each fold. (Alternative punch size may also be provided) If required side sprocket punching tools can also be supplied. The position of the punching tool can be adjusted anywhere acros the web.
  3. Horizontal perforating station consisting of hardened and ground steel roller and perforation cylinders capable of perforating of 280mm circumference with perforation every 70/140/280mm. Additional cross perforation cylindres can be supplied at an extra cost.
  4. Spiral folder for folding at repeat length of 280mm and above in 5mm interval as per above size.
  5. Digital Forms Counter Meter with PRESET LINE MARKING ARRANGEMENT.
  6. The machine will be driven by 10 HP infinitely varible drive comprising DC moter, rectifer type control panel working on 440V 50 cycles AC supply.
  7. Preset counter meter with line marking system and totalizer.
  8. One Duplex rewind system with slitting and trimming pillars to slit the web in 4 to 5 rolls upto 400mm dia. ( subject to slit width).

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